Current Travel Plans Update Reports:
- By: Nick Smyka

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UPDATE - October 17, 2021

- The journey to SEATTLE has been most excellent. I have seen many sights, states, cities and bodies of water. Arriving in Seattle is both great and sad to see the travel trip end - but I have taken over a week staying on the Pacific Ocean beach coasts outside Seattle to keep the van life going - not ready for city life and toil and more standard housing that is not a van I suppose.

- Seeing the world from the road galleon van is the best way to move about and reside in my opinion - only a boat on water in the Caribbean or some such could be slightly better perhaps. I'm sure I will try that mode one day. For now, I will be moving focus to more occupational income ideas and settling into a semi-permanent housing situation in Seattle. It will be its own kind of adventure to set up a new situation in Seattle, the metropolis in the northwest corner of the USA, on the Pacific Ocean to Asia and beyond. I'm shooting at the outset to live as close to the downtown center that I can achieve, depending on the various factors involved. It will be good to get at the estate sales and such and to learn about some new neighborhood within the metroplis to call home.

Traverse City, MI - Leaving for trip to Seattle, I saw an excellent clearly
defined rainbow in the skies to begin the journey. (Then I saw another
clear rainbow while camping on the Pacific Ocean beach outside Seattle, WA
at the end terminus of the trip. God's hand on the trip, signifed by
glowing lighted signs in the skies).

**Notice the Eastern start rainbow with rainbow base hitting ground on right
curving up to center --- then Western end rainbow curving down from top
center to ground at left; this is like two halves of the same unit as if
they go together as a message of a completed continental
East to West journey!!**

--- Rainbow over Traverse City, MI - START TRIP -

--- Rainbow over SEATTLE, WA - FINISH TRIP -

Beach Sand Rainbow
over Pacific Ocean.
Seattle Trip Complete.

More later - for now: Cheers.

UPDATE - September 21, 2021
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Lake Michigan
- Moving to SEATTLE

- I hit the road to Seattle. Crossed the Mackinac Bridge, and stopped on Mackinac Island to visit my boss CHAD and his wife PEARL at the Lakeview Hotel. Saw my old summer cottage, and hit the UP to cross into Wisconsin. - Swam in Lake Superior first time ever - very windy. More updates later, this journey has just begun. . . .

UPDATE - June 7, 2021
Chicago, Lake Michigan
Traverse City, MI
- Moving to SEATTLE

- I travelled home to Traverse City, MI for Christmas to see the family, and decided to settle in for the winter to ride out the last remains of the COVID lockdowns which prevented my escape to Spain and or the Caribbean. I lived in hotels and my cottage hostel room rental on Front Street by Bryant Park for the winter, with a marketing job selling items online and doing estate sales.

- Right now at this moment, I am sitting in the lobby of my hostel in downtown CHICAGO, across the street from the famous Buckingham Fountain, at Grant Park typing up this report. I will be heading back to Traverse City, MI tommorow to finish up my summer of estate sales and life in the hostel on Front Street by Bryant Park.

- I plan to pack up the Travel Van, and hit the highway life for several months and travel from Northern Michigan, through the Upper Peninsula across the northern states of the USA (which I have never been to) and venture to the Pacific Northwest and settle into SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, - to find a residence, set up the estate sales and see what life is like on the Pacific Ocean coast for this next season of my life! - I envision excursions to Alaska, Japan & Australia which are in that sphere of location. I was barred from going across the Atlantic to Spain due to COVID, -- so I am reversing direction to the other ocean, and I will see what I can see in the coming months. -- Exciting.

- I will post more information as events unfold. Cheers!

UPDATE - Fall, 2020
New Haven, Connecticut
- New York City

- I completed the NEW ENGLAND voyage along the Northern coasts of the Great Lakes to the tip of MAINE, and then down the Atlantic coasts to Virginia Beach. It was the best road trip in my life to this point by far. Living in the Travel Van, with my trailer in tow, and seeing the New England life was just the adventure I live for.

- I settled in NEW HAVEN Conneticut for a season, living in a rented room in a Yale professor's house that is usually rented out to Yale master's degree students. It was a fun adventure. I would take $19 train trips to downtown New York City which dropped me right off in Manhattan, and spend weekends in hotels. Amazing. New Haven is famous for Yale university, but also their style of pizza - APIZZA - loved by Frank Sinatra who would go to New Haven just for this treat.

UPDATE - July 7, 2020

I plan to venture through NEW ENGLAND taking the Great Lakes coastal roads to MAINE, then down the ATLANTIC COASTS to Virginia Beach, living and traveling in my travel van, taking breaks in hotels when the times are right. I plan to pick an Atlantic coastal city to live in for 6 months+, ... then on to Spain, and then to the US Virgin islands.

I will post more about the travel life as events develop.